Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Grammar Practice

We are learning about two different words that sound  the same but mean two different things.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

What's my 4 digit number

the Coin catching challenge!

Catching coins challenge

Walt: write an effective and engaging recount.
Walt: use interesting vocabulary in our writing.
Walt: be reflective in our writing and make changes as we write. wow it’s another normal day again when I walk into class my

Teacher Miss West has a very suspicious look on her face I wonder what she was trying to tell me.

The bell rang like wild so it was time to read a book we call it ssr it stands for super silent reading for 5 minutes.after 5 minutes rm 10 went outside I wonder about what are gonna do?

Miss West said ‘’ we are going to play a game’’ she said ‘’with counters’’ she said again we get one counter each we lay the  counter on our elbow put our other hand behind our backs then we flick the counter high as you can and catch it without catching it with your other hand that is behind your back.

as soon as you catch the first counter you get another one to make it harder to catch after that one you get another and another counter and it will keep on going like that after when the challenge was finished we got to see who got the most it was incredible!

Friday, 19 May 2017

Immersion Assembly!

 Immersion Assembly Recount

Now That's Thinking.png

Welcome back! Who is excited for this term?! We are going to leap into writing by creating some exciting recounts about our immersion assembly!

WALT: recount an event in a descriptive and engaging way
Hooray!! What amazing holidays we had but to sad it had to end,but the good thing about it was going back to school and getting to learn,share,and create so that is what Pt England School is going to do . so on the first day of the term we went to a thing called Immersion assembly.

It’s a thing that the teachers do over the holidays so they put in a lot of effort into this assembly sure it doesn’t sound like a holiday to the teachers but it sounds a lot of fun! So our theme  for this term is ‘’Now that’s thinking’’ first of all we saw Team 1’s short movie clip about Matariki and  kites it was awesome.

After team 1 was team 2 I wonder what it will be?  Well team 2’s movie clip it was similar to team 1’s movie was Team 3! It was about  a matariki story about a sky that no stars at night it was so dark you could hardly see anything but only the thing that could move was the Taniwha.

so from that day on this man called Maui was awoken from his sleep. Maui got his waka and his oar and went down to the sea soon later on Maui saw that it was getting dark and he was tired so he came out with his waka and had a little nap beside the beach.

soon Maui had woken up and it was dark he saw there were no stars in the sky so he could not see anything Maui tried to find some rocks to throw up in sky as high as he could to get the star's attention.

 so they can shine his way out, so Maui threw his last rock as high as he could it made it up,up,up into the sky the stars saw the  rock and they came out to shine there light ‘’yahoo!’’ said Maui ‘’we have light now'' shouted Maui with joy.

team 4! we are learning about how are technology are gonna change over time and how it can be used for in life or how it can be used to solve a problem in times of need so we had these Ideas about what we can learn about so that is what team 4 is going to do learn about how are technology are have to change or not change over time.

Team 5! team 5 is learning about how things can be problems can be solved with wood,steel,cotton,and all kinds of tools they solved a problem about bags how bags can't stay on the floor so they figured out to use a long piece of wood a nail and a bag so they hammer the nail to the wood and hanged on the bag to the that is what team 5 is learning about.