Friday, 17 November 2017

Percussion and Wood Wind Instruments

Today me and my friends Mamarei,Inga,and Roshaan had a little experience.we grabbed a piece of paper and wrote some ideas of what wood wind Instruments are made out of and percussion instruments is what we did.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

The Drama Show Recount story

                                                     Recount Writing
WALT: recount an event in a descriptive and engaging way.
WALT: write a quality piece of writing in a short timeframe.

It was a beautiful Tuesday morning I could hear lovely birds singing and birds  chirping but suddenly I looked the clock and it was 8:58 o,clock  ‘’ahh! I’m late’’ I said so I ran as quickly as I can got my uniform on ate my breakfast brushed my teeth said bye to my parents then walked to school. After all that I was in class we were having SSR it stands for Super Silent Reading,after SSR we got called to go to our literacy mats so we sat down while my beautiful teacher named Miss West was explaining the instructions of what we are about today so she said we were going a little video about trying to act without talking so we watched a video about Mr Bean and his invisible drums,as we watched we all started laughing out loud.

After all that laughter Miss West explained why we were watching the video, anyway she told us to go outside and line up so we we marched to the humongous field. So we rounded ourselves in a huge circle as we did Miss West was about to choose a person so she chose Marika she went in the center of the circle then Miss west told her to act out a scene so she did so Miss West shouted out FREEZE then she told another random person to come and change the act so they did then Marika had to go out of the circle and let someone else to have a turn so it went on and on until Miss West said we are going to do something different Miss West told us to get in a pair of four three two or one.I got into a pair of three with my best friends Mamarei and Jedida.

We had to make up a frame then freeze as our teacher said we had to guess what they were doing the first team went and one person guessed that they were ballroom dancing but guessed wrong so another person came up and said they were playing volley ball and it was right turned out that the two people were using their hands for the net and the other two people were playing we played more and lots more but then it started to rain so we ran to class and we had to write about what we did so that was fun!

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Flight Of The Bumblebee

Today room 10 had a great experience with music as we listened to the sound of the song that was called the Flight Of The Bumblebee .the sounds sounded like a bumblebee so we drew pictures that explained how it told a story as the song went on.the song went sounding a little quiet then it went all loud as if the bumblebee was being chased, it was really a great experience. 


Friday, 27 October 2017