Monday, 17 October 2016

The little Boat.

The little boat

Once upon a time there was a little boat and inside the tiny  boat  was a boy named jumping John.John he was fishing with his Dad.While John was fishing he caught something really big he wondered what it was? So they kept on pulling and pulling until...splash came out a humongous shark  John was really scared him and Dad were paddling as fast as they could but it was no use so the shark tipped over the boat but John and his Dad were still safe.

It has been 10 days since John and his Dad had been sitting on top of the boat but John’s Dad had a rescue phone his Dad kept on ringing and ringing but it didn’t work so John’s Dad tried   jumping over the huge shark but John thought it was a crazy idea so John tried thinking of something in just one hour John saw two vines so John quickly grabbed the vines until the big  shark could eat him so he grabbed it gave one to his Dad and both of them crossed the water safe and sound so they starting walking…

While they were walking John heard a loud roar they wonder what it might be…. Then boom came out an enormous bear John quickly grabbed a stick and kept on whacking the bear but the bear didn’t feel a sting so John dropped the stick John yelled ‘’run for our lives’’ they ran as fast as they could till the bear could see them no more John and his Dad stopped for a minute John’s Dad tried ringing and ringing until there it worked John’s dad rang a helicopter to save them. In just one day John and his dad saw a helicopter they starting waving at it and then it came then they safely went back home .the end.