Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Art and Craft

Today we made dinosaurs with news paper dye colour and glue and many a paintbrush first you get a dinosaur picture then you tear some news paper then get the glue and the paintbrush put the piece of news paper on the dinosaurs cover up all the white and when you are done you paint the dinosaur with  glue then leave it to dry after when it's dry you do the background do whatever you want after when you have made your background you glue the back of the dinosaur then stick it on your background then you can hang it in your room. 

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Dinosaur Report

Maniakalani film festival

On Wednesday our whole class went on an adventure to silver park . Yesterday we went to manaiakalani film festival at silver park we went in a bus I sat next to Eden and mata we sang funny songs on the bus when we got there we got into our lines we walked into the theatre we all sat down when we sat down the movie was starting

When we walked into to the theatre I saw a hundreds of chairs.when we went inside the theatre we sat on the comfy marshmallow chairs they were comfy as a cushion it was soft as well and the big screen was enormous it was as tall as mr Blakey and as big as a diplodocus it was huge.we watched the funny movies after that we went in the bus and went back to school.

Museum trip.

Learning about Dinosaurs at the  Museum

On our trip to the museum we turned into palaeontologists. Yesterday when we got to the museum the man called josh told us the instructions after that We start going first we got a journal to find the things first we went to wild child I liked the tree house we found the gorilla that was inside we ticked it after that we went to Moari court we found the Moari head we ticked it then we went inside the house we saw these ladies weaving we went out got our shoes on then went to morning tea.

A palaeontologists. A palaeontologist is someone who digs up fossils and polish them then put them somewhere safe .

Palaeontologists find fossils everywhere fossils are very delicate and special they are very old did you know how dinosaurs die there was an a explosion a long time ago that's how dinosaurs didn't exist anymore that's how they died .

Hunting for Fossils

Tuesday, 22 September 2015


If you want to be a politician you need to work very hard . To become a politician you need to go to campaign meetings also you have to be very brainy and good at listening try your very best and don't give up also you need to knock on people's doors and tell them to vote for you also you deliver pamphlets to people's mail box.

Politicians work in both Wellington and their local electorate. Politicians work at night and day. Politicians also work for the government. 

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Police Esther

In New Zealand the police wear navy caps with badge on it. In New Zealand the police wear golden badges and police women carry handcuffs, they carry walkie talkies. They wear checkerboard patterns on their cap. Police women wear belts around their waist. The police man wear it to . The police wear a navy vest even very shiny black shoes.

The police keep us safe on the roads and in our communities. The police stop the robbers from stealing money and treasure.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Fire Fighter


If you want to be a firefighter you have to fill out a long form and do all kind of test . To become firefighter are going to do a physical test to do the test you have to rescue a dummy from a fire  and you have to be brave be ready and be strong.  you have to run up the stairs for 8 minutes you need to have a very heavy tank. you need to carry some gear to keep you safe . To become a firefighter you need to train concentrate  be focus and  strong.

Firefighters respond to emergency calls in a variety of ways . A firefighter puts out fire and a firefighters also save people's lives by fire.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Fire fighter David.

If you want to be a firefighter you have to fill out a long form and do all kind of test . To become firefighter are going to do a physical test to do the test you have to rescue a dummy from a fire  and you have to be brave be ready and be strong.  you have to run up the stairs for 8 minutes you need to have a very heavy tank. you need to carry some gear to keep you safe . To become a firefighter you need to train concentrate  be focus and  be strong.

Firefighters respond to emergency calls in a variety of ways . A firefighter puts out fire and a firefighters also save people's lives by fire.

A fire truck is like a Moving tool box . Fire trucks have a very heavy long hose and a fire truck has an ladder a first aid kit for emergencies, they even have a siren on it as well.

I would like to be a firefighter because it will be fun and a little scary .

Thursday, 3 September 2015

One Hen

Kojo is a hard working boy from Ghana, who is very poor. Kojo lives in a very small village kojos father passed away so now he lives with his mother and Kojo saved up to go to school.

His mother receives a loan from some village families. She gives a little money to her son. Then Kojo saves his money to buy a hen. Kojo and his mother only eat some of the eggs and sell

some of the eggs to get more money for his family.

Kojo sells his eggs at the market and buys more hens, to make a chicken farm for his mother and the other poor people that live in Ghana.

Kojo started a trust that gives out small loans to people who cannot get a loan from a bank. Kojo sold eggs to earn money and Kojo gave people jobs and so the other people earn money as well to buy food to be healthy.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Selling lemonade stan

This is my lemonade stan And me my family are selling lemonade it is only 10$ we put it out only on sunny days.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Robin Hood

A Long Long Time ago There was a man called Robin Hood. he lived in sherwood forest . One day Robin Hood stole money from the rich and gave it to the poor peasants the other day the held a competition to catch Robin Hood but then Robin Hood came to the competition . It was an arrow competition Robin Hood was good at shooting arrows it was the finals the king said if you get the arrow in you'll win. Robin Hood  aimed then he shot Robin Hood got it in Robin Hood won the silver trophy.

Monday, 27 July 2015

I want earrings

I want earrings is a book about a little girl. Her name was Carla. One day Carla told her mum if she could have earrings but her mother said no. The next day Carla's family went to the beach. Carla was swimming until she saw a lady with a ring in her belly button. Carla swam next to her.  "Hello there lady," said Carla. "There is a ring is in your belly button."
The lady said, "yes."
"I want a ring in my belly button," said Carla.
"You have to tell your mother and father," said the lady.
Soon the lady dived into the water.
Carla Went To Tell Her Mother and Father but they said No but on Thursday Carla went to the carnival when Carla walking she saw a man with a earring in his eyebrow Carla didn't say a word she just grabbed a box of popcorn when she went to tell her dad if she could have a earring in her eyebrow but dad said No Carla Felt Tipping Her Popcorn over while Carla walked past this paper shop Carla saw a lady with a stud in her nose Carla said to the lady I wish I had a stud in my nose then you better tell your dad and mum then off Carla went to tell her parents but two of them said no Carla got very mad she started not talking to her parents for the rest of the day on Friday someone was knocking on the door Carla went to open the door it was a man hello there you must be Carla hi my name is Harry  your mum,s brother I came a long way Carla come in come in mum and dad will pleased to let you stay .

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Matariki is a time to celebrate

Matariki is a time to share family stories.


Once upon a time there was a rich man and his wife and a lovely little girl named Ella. When her mother died her dad had to marry a lady that has two ugly sisters. Ella's stepmother was unkind to Ella. One day when Ella went to get the mail she looked and everybody was outside. She grabbed the mail and it was an invitation to the ball but then Ella's step sisters took it off her, then they gave it to their mother. She read it to herself. The two ugly sisters jumped up and down. Ella's stepsisters told her to make them dress. But Ella said, "but everyone in the village gets to go." 
"Only if you finish all of your work," said her stepmother.
 Ella couldn't finish, she was to busy. But then Ella finished. But Ella didn't have a dress to wear to the ball. Her little friends came, sneaked in the house, then they made her a dress. When Cinderella came up she saw the beautiful dress. She put it on, then came down the stairs, but her stepmother got jealous so did her step sisters so they ripped Cinderella's dress. Then her stepmother laughed. Cinderella saw them drive away. Cinderella was so sad. But wait when Cinderella went outside she saw a kindly old lady.
In the bushes she turned out to be her fairy godmother. She tapped a pumpkin it turned into a coach. She turned some mice into horses, then a little gray mice came over then he got turned into a coach man. But I can't go in these ragged clothes. Her fairy godmother tapped on Cinderella, then her dress turned into a beautiful blue dress I have ever seen and these beautiful glass slippers.
 She said, "but you have to leave at midnight because then the magic will end. Now you can go," said the fairy godmother.
 Cinderella went to the ball she danced with the prince
But Cinderella ran away.

Monday, 15 June 2015

The jungle sun.

This is my animal it is a duck and the funniest thing about a duck is that if it goes in the chicken coop it will smash all the eggs then the chickens will get mad and I mean very mad but the other thing that is funny is that maybe the duck goes back in the pond it might.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Making milo

This morning me and my class made milo and it tasted like a hot chocolate and it looks like a little chocolate  marshmallow and it tastes good so I drinked it it was yummy.


I have made a ginipig moterbike and I love it it has a man on it you know what I love inventing and it works like this 

The jungle sun .

A cow lives on a farm and it has big feet. It went into the chicken coup and stomped on all the eggs. It was such a mess. But I love animals like a cow.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Instucons for making milo

1. First We Get a Heatproof CupThen Put One Teaspoon Of Milo InTo It Then

2. Get a Jug And Then Boil It After That Pour It InTo The Cup Then

3. Pour Milk And It Tastes good And Very Delicious and Very Good

4. After That You Drink It .

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The frosty cold day

Jack Frost came to Pt England school. The frosty grass is glistening in the sun. The trees are hidden.
I see the misty sky. The spider web sparkles in the sun.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Maui and the sun .

A long time ago in Aotearoa. Maui and his brothers traveled to find food. One day Maui and his brothers found food but they couldn't see to eat there food.  Then the next day Maui said to his brothers, "we shall catch that sun to make it to go slowly." But his brothers laughed. Maui wasn't kidding, you've  got to help me. So his brothers helped Maui. Maui and his brothers made a flax rope to catch the sun. After that they hid when the sun came up. They attacked  the sun. "Stop, stop you'll kill me. The brothers didn't listen to him. The sun was nearly dead, so the brothers let go. The sun slowed down.

Friday, 29 May 2015

My colour poem

My colour is Red. because the jucy red strawberries . Red smells like hot red fire. Red sounds like crispy. Red apples. Red feels like squishy.  tomatoes. Red  looks like some spaghetti meatballs.

 Red is my favourite colour of all.

Monday, 25 May 2015

The Auckland Weather

On the weekend terrible weather came to Auckland.  There are puddles everywhere in Auckland and New Zealand. It is windy and cold. It's really cold. The weather is going crazy today, everybody in Auckland is getting cold sick and weak. But people have homes that are cozy and warm. They have jackets that are warm and cozy beds that are soft.

Auckland 25 May 2015

Thursday, 21 May 2015

The rainbow fish.

Rainbow fish look like a rainbow but in the sea she has a purple face and purple fins. She has great big orange lips and purple, blue, and green shining l scales.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The new baby

  One day Duchess Kate and prince William have got a new baby girl and it was born at st Mary's  Hospital and       they lived at Kensington palace the baby princess name was Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. She was born on Saturday 8.34 2 of May and god saved the Queen.     Prince George has a new baby sister ..

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The Hokulea landed.

We Walked  Down To pt England Reseve then the waka arrived Just in time. We sung to them. We sung loudly to people from Hawaii came and  then we sung louder, we sung so loud that they nearly fell over. We all sat down on the wet grass then we stood up then we sung again and we walked back to school.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

School Picnic

On Last Friday We Went Down To Pt EngLand Reserve. First We Had Lunch After That Mr Burt Called US The Year 3s To Swim. So We Got Changed Then We Went Down To The Beach Then We Jumped In To The Lake. I Jumped  In The Lake To Swim Like A Marmaide. It Was Cool. Then I dived In To The Bottom Of The Sea. Even I Could See Under The Sea Too. After

That  We Got Changed. Then After That Valerie's Mum Came And She Bought Some Donuts And Some Juice. After That We Had Lunch. I Sung A Song. Then We Walked Back To School.

Monday, 23 March 2015

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

josef learnt from his father never tall lies because when you do tall the truth that is a good thing to tall the truth.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The Flying Butterfly

class 15s monarch butterfly flew off to find a safe place to Lay her eggs.

The Beautiful Classroom Butterfly

The Bright orange butterfly burst out of The dark ugly chrysalis.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Puppy at the door

puppy at the  door my favourite  part of the pege when mrs jail and the jumped up and down it was funny and some times he rode over .

Thursday, 12 February 2015

How I lost my tooth

I lost my I lost my tooth is that I put it in my hand and when I was playing I lost my tooth then I grown a big tooth and then when I went to school I always loved smilein I was so happy I love smilein