Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Untie the human knot

Recount writing:
Untie the human knot!

Walt: write a recount

Walt: elaborate on our ideas with relevant details
Start writing here:
It all started off at class when the bell rang bling! Bling!. We were sitting on the big mat that was when rm 9 had left the rm to go to kiwi sport then we rm 10 Miss west told us to stand up so we did.   

As we were standing Miss west put us into groups I liked  how I  Get put into groups.when I was put into a group we had to tangle each of our arms have to touch each other’s arm it was fun!

I got very tired of walking all around  so I got my drink bottle and had a drink...after all that we had one more round of untie the human knot it started to get a little boring but then miss west

stopped the game she announced the winners it wasn’t  my team but unless that good team won it’s not about winning it’s about fun and friendship.

The End

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