Thursday, 18 June 2015


Once upon a time there was a rich man and his wife and a lovely little girl named Ella. When her mother died her dad had to marry a lady that has two ugly sisters. Ella's stepmother was unkind to Ella. One day when Ella went to get the mail she looked and everybody was outside. She grabbed the mail and it was an invitation to the ball but then Ella's step sisters took it off her, then they gave it to their mother. She read it to herself. The two ugly sisters jumped up and down. Ella's stepsisters told her to make them dress. But Ella said, "but everyone in the village gets to go." 
"Only if you finish all of your work," said her stepmother.
 Ella couldn't finish, she was to busy. But then Ella finished. But Ella didn't have a dress to wear to the ball. Her little friends came, sneaked in the house, then they made her a dress. When Cinderella came up she saw the beautiful dress. She put it on, then came down the stairs, but her stepmother got jealous so did her step sisters so they ripped Cinderella's dress. Then her stepmother laughed. Cinderella saw them drive away. Cinderella was so sad. But wait when Cinderella went outside she saw a kindly old lady.
In the bushes she turned out to be her fairy godmother. She tapped a pumpkin it turned into a coach. She turned some mice into horses, then a little gray mice came over then he got turned into a coach man. But I can't go in these ragged clothes. Her fairy godmother tapped on Cinderella, then her dress turned into a beautiful blue dress I have ever seen and these beautiful glass slippers.
 She said, "but you have to leave at midnight because then the magic will end. Now you can go," said the fairy godmother.
 Cinderella went to the ball she danced with the prince
But Cinderella ran away.

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