Monday, 27 July 2015

I want earrings

I want earrings is a book about a little girl. Her name was Carla. One day Carla told her mum if she could have earrings but her mother said no. The next day Carla's family went to the beach. Carla was swimming until she saw a lady with a ring in her belly button. Carla swam next to her.  "Hello there lady," said Carla. "There is a ring is in your belly button."
The lady said, "yes."
"I want a ring in my belly button," said Carla.
"You have to tell your mother and father," said the lady.
Soon the lady dived into the water.
Carla Went To Tell Her Mother and Father but they said No but on Thursday Carla went to the carnival when Carla walking she saw a man with a earring in his eyebrow Carla didn't say a word she just grabbed a box of popcorn when she went to tell her dad if she could have a earring in her eyebrow but dad said No Carla Felt Tipping Her Popcorn over while Carla walked past this paper shop Carla saw a lady with a stud in her nose Carla said to the lady I wish I had a stud in my nose then you better tell your dad and mum then off Carla went to tell her parents but two of them said no Carla got very mad she started not talking to her parents for the rest of the day on Friday someone was knocking on the door Carla went to open the door it was a man hello there you must be Carla hi my name is Harry  your mum,s brother I came a long way Carla come in come in mum and dad will pleased to let you stay .

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