Tuesday, 6 June 2017

the Coin catching challenge!

Catching coins challenge

Walt: write an effective and engaging recount.
Walt: use interesting vocabulary in our writing.
Walt: be reflective in our writing and make changes as we write. wow it’s another normal day again when I walk into class my

Teacher Miss West has a very suspicious look on her face I wonder what she was trying to tell me.

The bell rang like wild so it was time to read a book we call it ssr it stands for super silent reading for 5 minutes.after 5 minutes rm 10 went outside I wonder about what are gonna do?

Miss West said ‘’ we are going to play a game’’ she said ‘’with counters’’ she said again we get one counter each we lay the  counter on our elbow put our other hand behind our backs then we flick the counter high as you can and catch it without catching it with your other hand that is behind your back.

as soon as you catch the first counter you get another one to make it harder to catch after that one you get another and another counter and it will keep on going like that after when the challenge was finished we got to see who got the most it was incredible!

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