Friday, 17 March 2017

year 5/6 camp - writing

Year 5/6 Camp - Writing

We are going to be writing about our camp experiences.

Walt: add detail to our writing to support our ideas
Walt: reflect on events and our experiences
Amazing! Team 4 had a cool camp on Pt England School grounds, on wednesday 8th of march 2017 last week. first we had to bring our big bags for camp. throughout the 3 days that we had for activities.

The first camp activity that the Chiefs had to do was the camp concert,kayaking,killer zone but my favorite most fun event was going to sleep-Zzzz?

My favourite highlight was how we got to have fun and play with our friends also got to know people that I didn’t know and how I got  to be friends with them.

I learned how to be kind ,loyal,and friendly to people that were bringing kindness back to me I recommend that every student will do by helping each other and other people will learn to do that in the future. Also it was fun to work as a team and help those in need.

Thank you Mr burt and teachers who made this  possible for me and thank you to the parents/helpers who came to help our camp and supported the camp so thank you very much:) .  what I liked about camp was it was fun and exciting to do all those activities it was such awesomeness.   THANK YOU OH VERY MUCH!!!    

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